About Us

High-Quality Fashion and Athletic Clothing

Viper Ex, founded in 2022, believes that everyone interested in physical training and sports, regardless of gender and age, should be able to look and feel their best while working out or lounging. We offer clothing made from high-performance fabrics, making you both stylish and practical.

We create comfortable apparel and activewear by taking inspiration from the latest sporty fashion trends. It doesn't matter what size and design you want; we offer a wide variety of sizes and styles, enabling everyone to get the perfect fit for them.


Exclusive and Unique Fashion and Athletic Outfit Collection

Step into a realm of fashion and athletic clothing where creativity stretches beyond limits. We offer a monthly exclusive yet unique limited-edition collection to meet your desires and the latest trends. We craft each outfit by keeping community vibes, customer reviews, and trending whispers in mind, ensuring each piece resonates with your stylish personality.

This monthly collection of exclusive outfits inspires and influences you to embrace its allure that dances with your world – be it color, sport, or word. But remember, we only bring this collection for a specific period; it lasts only a month, and then the freshest articles grace the spotlight. 

Whether you’re an enthusiastic athlete or just someone interested in physical training and sports, Viper Ex has exclusive and unique apparel for you. We believe that fashion is as unique as you are. Be exclusive with us!